Get back in shape and train for motherhood with this energizing Stroller Fitness class!

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What To Expect

Each class is different. I switch the workout every week to keep you challenged.

We jog, squat, lunge, jump rope, use resistance bands and work with the environment around us based on each location.

All exercises can be modified based on each individuals fitness level. You will never feel pressured to keep up with the group as each person works at their personal best.  This will be the most fun workout you ever experienced as you get to bond with your baby, teach them great lifestyle habits and make new friends all at the same time.


I'm so glad I found Meri and her classes! They are helping me get back in shape after having my baby.

Plus, it is great to be outside and meet other moms!


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Mom's-in-Training Event

Train for different races with other fellow moms. For a great cause and amazing incentives for fundraising!



If this is your first time getting back into shape after a recent pregnancy, Mommy and Me is here to help you get adjusted to working out with your baby!


Class Tips

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